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I guess I’ve been messing about in boats most of my life so starting a little boat business looked like a good excuse to continue messing around in boats. . .only this time messing about a whole lot more.

Hi…! I’m Tim Ryerson the founder and co-owner of InflatableBoats4Less. Don’t tell my wife Crystal (co-owner and chief financial officer and the pretty lady to the right) why I’m really doing this because she thinks we’re doing this for the money. “Why else would Tim come out of retirement?” she reasons.

“It’s not about money Crystal. It’s really all about the boats…Messing about in boats.”

Using Inflatable Boats while Traveling

“I’ve always thought that you appreciate where you are even more when you see where you’ve been. For those that continue to read down this page we hope you enjoy reading the early history of a very unique Mom and Pop boat biz”

Motorhome #1

This is the way it started. It was 1998 and I’d just traded a stressful Real Estate Brokers job…and a building lot… for a 1995 Allegro motor home. Bypass surgery gives you time to examine your priorities and  it was time to change gears…and fast! We bought our first inflatable boat as way to scratch our boating itch while traveling in that motorhome. After a lot of research we bought a Sea Eagle 435 Deluxe PaddleSki. I was skeptical that an inflatable would give me the performance I was accustomed to, but after the first weekend on the Colorado River, we became believers. The Sea Eagle boat was easy and fast to inflate and fast across the water with remarkable stability. Then just a few minutes to deflate, roll up and toss under our motorhome and. . . well. . . we were really sold…and life was at last becoming peaceful! For a while.

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The Beginning of our Fleet

This Sea Eagle Paddle-Ski was to be the first Sea Eagle in the InflatableBoats4Less “fleet”. We continued to travel but now sought out locations where we could haul out the Sea Eagle 435 PaddleSki catamaran kayak. We continued to be amazed how much interest and how many questions our Sea Eagle aroused. Our set-up time became longer and longer as we responded to these questions.

In front of Motorhome #2 at our first big
Sea Eagle boat exhibit in Quartzsite AZ.
Early 2000

As we shared our new found love and knowledge of Sea Eagle inflatable boats a glimmer of an idea began. We could become Sea Eagle Dealers and travel to RV Shows, Boat Shows, and Outdoor Sports Shows exhibiting Sea Eagle boats combining our hobbies of kayaking and RV’ing. One year later this became a reality and InflatableBoats4Less was formed.

Why Not Touch and Feel a Sea Eagle Inflatable Boat at a Show Near You?

We traveled widely each year showing and telling anyone that would listen all about Sea Eagle boats. In the beginning InflatableBoats4Less’ first shows were in small communities at weekend swap-meets and local flea-markets. As we grew we expanded our horizons and added a few large RV Shows, Boat Shows, and Outdoor Shows..and then we added more..then more…and we had a ball and happily we sold more Sea Eagle boats every year than the year before.  We did this all while traveling, and living full-time in a sucsession of motorhomes each being larger than the first. All were equipped to operate our growing business…handle it anywhere in fact…without any wires! We’ve handled Sea Eagle Inflatable Boat phone orders from Key West  to Fairbanks and hundreds of locations in between. We carried along Sea Eagle kayaks and Sea Eagle fishing boats for business… and for pleasure. Eventually there was a lot more business than pleasure as InflatableBoats4Less handled the influx of oou growing business…which is a pleasure…!  

” No…your dog’s nails won’t puncture our boats!”

Team Sea Eagle Tour….

From the beginning InflatableBoats4Less.com  was founded with the purpose of allowing the founders, Tim & Crystal Ryerson, to travel to RV Shows, Boat Shows, and Outdoor Sports Shows exhibiting Sea Eagle boats. We were already traveling to these shows in our motorhome, our dream was that we would sell just enough to pay for fuel. Our dreams have been realized…and then some!

We continued to exhibit at these shows because they were an excellent way for customers to touch and feel the quality of Sea Eagle inflatable boats and accessories. .

Motorhome #3 pulled over to deploy roof mounted satellite internet
while emailing Sea Eagle boat orders to Sea Eagle headquarters.

The Rest of the Story…

Along about 2005 our little boat business became more a than just a hobby. Folks seemed to like our low prices and honest advice and started buying our Sea Eagle boats. Lots of boat! More boats than one man could handle so Crystal joined the business full time! Back a ways I mentioned that we traveled to shows showing and selling Sea Eagle boats in our motorhome. Well…when Crystal joined the team we decided to do something we had wanted to do…had planned to do… for a long time.. Travel the USA in our motorhome doing business while visiting every state in the union. Well we left in that old motorhome…and now six years later we’re back!

Here’s a few pictures from our journey.

Prince William Sound Valdez, Alaska 08/17/06

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Prince William Sound Valdez, Alaska 08/17/06

20,430′ Mt McKinley (Denali) looms above our 1969 10-place Otter. Paul, in the center, owns Talkeetna Air Taxi. The fleet includes a few Beavers and a few Cessna 165’s and just one Otter. This Otter was just rebuilt. Today’s value..just over 1 Million. They don’t make these..or anything like them…anymore.
Denali National Park, Alaska 08/06/06

Kenai River RW Fishcamp Soldotna, Alaska 07/28/06 Crystal..again…and a nice 54 pound King Salmon. Maybe nice is an understatement…this was a huge fish…but I’m gettting tired of Crystal catching all the big ones…!

Midnight…Valdez, Alaska

Bye Bye…so long. Sea Eagle Team Tour Comes to an End…

Jan 2010 we exhibit at our last show

It seems fitting somehow that our last show was in Quartzsite, AZ the site of our very first show so many years ago.The growth of Sea Eagle online sales over the years has been remarkable and now demands all of our attention.

September 2011 we hang up the keys….

Within the first ten years lInflatableBoats4Less is to become Sea Eagle’s largest dealer selling in excess of 1000 boats a year and going through three motor homes, 2 cars, and 2 trucks while traveling nearly 300,000 miles. At long last it’s time to head back to The Boathouse.

The growth of InflatableBoats4less.com, and latelyRVSunshades4Less.com online sales has been remarkable and once again we find ourselves back at our Arizona Mountain Cabin

Be looking forward to new and exciting content as InflatableBoats4Less enters their second decade.

Prescott,AZ ….the boat house…in the mountains.

Now we take a break for this commercial message:

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Not sure which boat will work best for you? Just ask. We’ve tried them all and we can help you find the perfect boat to fit your needs.

We are available 24/7 to answer your questions and each boat comes with Tips and Hints to start you off right! We also do daily Internet searches to find the lowest prices available and then BEAT THEM!

We guarantee the lowest price on Sea Eagle…period!

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