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Sea Eagle Inflatable Boats

Sea Eagle Boats are divided into two price and quality groups

1. Sea Eagle Value Group…SE8, SE9, and 124 Super Motormount Boats

Sea Eagle calls their affordable recreational level boats Motormount Boats. Motormount boats are perfect inflatable boat for fishing, camping, yacht tending, skin diving, river-running or pleasure cruising for budget minded boaters. Motormount boats are  constructed of 33 mill fabric marine grade vinyl, in the case of the SE8, and 38 mill marine grade vinyl in the SE9 and 124.  Sea Eagle calls this heavy marine grade vinyl PolyKrylor and Sea Eagle has a 45 year history of producing tough PolyKrylor boats and kayaks. PolyKrylor is the industries thickest and toughest vinyl and is designed to hold up to the rocks, shells, tree limbs and other abuses found by recreational kayakers in and along most rivers and streams.  Prices for these low pressure motormount boats start at $299. This line of fishing boats have acceptable performance and very strong customer reviews. Are PolyKrylor inflatable boats and kayaks the best on the market? No! We’ll cover the best inflatables in the market number in number 2 just below.

2. Sea Eagle Premium Boats..the blue ribbon of Sport Runabouts, Catamaran Fishing Boats, SUP Paddleboards, and smooth Sailing Catamarans …

Sea Eagle’s redesigned premium Sport Runabouts are the Sea Eagle sr10.6, sr12.6, and sr14. RV’ers and off shore sailors appreciate the Sea Eagle 8.10 RV/Yacht Tenders. Fisherman sing the praises of the Catamaran 2-man FoldCat 375 and 4-man 440. The new Mean Green Fishing Machine is the one-man Sea Eagle 285fpb Frameless Pontoon Boat We close our this line of blue ribbon craft with the Sea Eagle SailCat catamaran sailboat and a complete lineup of SUP Paddleboards.

All of these models are constructed of 1000 denier supported fabric PVC, industry leading designs, new-age fabrics, and drop-stitch technology. Whereas the Value Group motormount boats are soft low pressure vinyl, the Premium level boats, SUPs, and Fishing Boats are constructed of high pressure PVC and are nearly rigid. Observers often take our LongBoard SUP to be a hardboard.Our Sea Eagle 12.6 Sport Runabout will pull a kneeboarder. This line of blue-ribbon boats, SUP’s, and Fishing Boats and kayaks are our safest, most stable, driest, and safest ever and can last 25 – 30 years if cared for properly.