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Print instructions
Video instructions
Motormount Fishing Boats (SE8 & SE9)
Super Motormount Boats (124smb) PDF You Tube Video
FastTrack Kayaks (385ft & 465ft)  PDF You Tube Video 
Explorer Kayaks (340x, 380x & 420x)
Sport Kayaks (SE330 & SE370) You Tube Video
FoldCats (375fc & 440fc)
Frameless Pontoon Boats (285fpb)
PaddleSki 435ps
SailCat 14sc
 Updated Instructions
Stealth Stalker 10 (STS10)                          PDF PDF
RazorLite Kayak (393rl RazorLite™)             PDF PDF
LongBoard Hybrid SUP (LB11)                      PDF PDF
NeedleNose SUP (NN116, NN126, NN14)      PDF PDF
Transom Sport Boats & 8.10yt Yacht Tender(10.6sr, 10.6sry, 12.6sr, 12.6sry, 14sr) PDF PDF


QuikSail  PDF
Sail kit for PaddleSki PDF
PaddleSki Swivel Seat Kit PDF
Solar Panel 45T (discontinued) PDF
Rowing Frame / Sliding Seat for PaddleSki (discontinued) PDF

How-to Videos

How to repair an inflatable boat

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How to use our A-41 footpump

YouTube Preview Image

How to re-enter an inflatable boat

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