2016 The Year of The SUP!

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56% of stand up paddle boarders are first timers

A recent report by the Outdoor Foundation has presented results about how and why people participate in outdoor activities. This report features statistics from 2012 thru 2015 and show that stand up paddle boarding was the fastest growing sport with 56% or participants doing it for the first time. Sales of Sea Eagle Paddleboards at Inflatable Boats 4 Less reflect this report as SUP’s went from a fraction of our 2014 total sales to an impressive 20% in 2015.

I remember in early 2011 seeing two middle aged women paddling under, and through, the London Bridge in Lake Havasu Arizona. Loving all things that float I began to investigate and found that a fledgling industry of stand-up-paddleboarding was slowly rising to it’s feet, so to speak. But I wasn’t the only one watching. Sea Eagle Inflatable boats, one of the worlds largest inflatable companies was watching too and it wasn’t long before they had their first rigid inflatable paddleboard on the market. Now five years later Sup’s are the number two product-line category behind IK’s (inflatable Kayaks) and gaining fast. As one of my kayak customers told me shortly after adding a Sea Eagle SUP to this Sea Eagle kayak fleet.

“I hardly ever kayak any more. I’m always on my board. I’m addicted to paddleboarding!”

All in all it sounds likes SUP is not only here to stay, but growing steadily. Here at InflatableBoats4Less.com we pride ourselves in being rich in reviews, tutorials and helpful advice, whether it be via our blog, articles, emails or phone calls. If you’re new to SUP or a seasoned paddler, we’re here to help.

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