Best Inflatable Boats for Rivers

The best inflatable kayaks will be portable, durable, stable, and allow you to paddle with ease. Not all kayaks are created equal – it’s important to understand the type of kayak you need for how you’ll be using them.

Sea Eagle Fasttrack Series

The FastTrack is great for someone who paddles mostly flat-water, but will be in choppier conditions. It performs well on flat-water with its narrow and sleek design, cutting through windy conditions, while maintaining speed. Think you might hit some choppier waters? The FastTrack can also paddle in up to Class 3 rapids with its built-in self-bailing drain valves. Just leave them open so the water drains out as it comes in.

Sea Eagle Explorer Series

The Sea Eagle Explorer series is a great family kayak that performs exceedingly well in rapids and choppier waters. A little wider than the FastTrack, it offers up great stability. Sea Eagle Explorer Kayaks are great wet or dry boats – they are tough enough for class four whitewater, but stable, dry and comfortable on flat-water as well. (Pictured above is the 420x)

Sea Eagle 9 Inflatable Fishing Boat