Brilliance? Or Baloney? Tim and Crystal Test the New FastTrack Kayak

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” We think the FastTrack is the best kayak we have ever paddled!” Here’s why….

Take a look….

Sea Eagle introduced the $900 plus FastTrack line of kayaks just over 5 years ago and sales exceeded all expectations. Only with the introduction of a new roomy sub $300 kayak…the Sea Eagle 370… were initial sales nearly as explosive. FastTrack sales represented 40% of our sales and my mind screamed why? 

I was skeptical when I saw early prototype pictures of a new needle-nosed FastTrack. So I bought one! I had to know. It looked like one big wave would wash over the bow and drench my wife’s flip flops and that’s never good. So just hours after FedEx dropped my new FastTrack 385 at our boathouse we were at the lake, Did we like it.

Yes! Like just isn’t strong enough. We love the new FastTrack design. Here’s why.

  1. Easier to handle in or out of the water. At 32 pounds the new FastTrack is easy to handle by myself! It’s so handy compared to all other kayaks I’ve handled in my decades of paddling. The NeedleNose design allowed me to slide the light weight inflated FastTrack into my SUV for the quick trip to the lake. Women are going to love this kayak!
  2. Faster in the water. The bow design and some top secret underwater tweaks improve the  speed and tracking which was noticeable with the first paddle stroke and we noticed no reduction in stability as compared to Sea Eagle’s Kayak lineup.
  3. Easier to  paddle. The ease of paddling is remarkable! “Like paddling a feather”
  4. Better tracking. Tracking is great.  Yaw was less than 5 degrees port to starboard and when paddling stopped the bow went straight as an arrow.
  5. Better turning. The FastTrack is light as a feather on the water and very easy to turn. I was very impressed.
  6. Fewer seams. Longevity has been increased by cutting the number of seems and seams are the Achilles heal of inflatable boat longevity.

OK but do those smaller tubes give you less leg room and a wetter ride?Actually no. Our test showed that the FastTrack was no wetter than the any of our kayaks. Our conditions were light to medium winds and 9″ to 15″ chop with some wind tossed spray and our FastTrack stayed surprisingly dry. Much dryer than expected. We always carry a microfiber cloth to mop-up water but it was seldom needed. I think you’ll find that plowing into 2 foot to 4 foot waves will bring some water over the bow which is why the whitewater class rating is class 2 as compared to Class 4 found on our Explorer Kayaks. If your interest is whitewater paddling the FastTrack, with only two self baling valves. is not your best choice…but… if you want perhaps the best flat water recreational kayak, hard or soft, available on the market today. Look no farther. The FastTrack is the choice for you. I can hardly wait to get out again.

Baloney or Brilliance? Brilliant!

Here’s a link to our session pics.

Tim. after three years of paddling your FastTrack have you feeling’s changed? Not a bit. We’ve paddled Sea Eagle kayaks for 15 years and this is the best kayak we’ve ever had. We sold our 6 year old Sea Eagle PaddleSki and replaced it with still another Sea Eagle 385ft Deluxe.

Tim & Crystal



Comments on Brilliance? Or Baloney? Tim and Crystal Test the New FastTrack Kayak

  1. Bruce Leland

    We bought 330 and 370 from you last year and love it. I do need some help on something that should be easy. I am having a heck of a time getting out of the boat after kayaking on a lake. I have fallen into the water a few times as when I try to step out the kayak moves. Is there a secret to making this easier for someone that is not the most coordinated guy in the world?? By the way you guys are the best and really helped up last year–boy are we glad we bought these–My golden retriever puppy (now 1 1.2 years old so not so much of a puppy) last year rode with me in the 370 and she loves it (took some training for her at 1st but now she sits and enjoys the ride!!) Thanks for any advice on getting out of kayak without looking like a nerd. Any videos online to teach me??

    1. Hi Bruce, first the good news. You’re not the first to ask this question. More good news. There’s hope. The more you practice the more you improve in all areas including entry and exit. Try getting out in deeper water where pushing down on the boat sides is less a temptation. Yes, you’ll get your feet wet but isn’t that better then the whole body. Next try to lay your paddle across the top of both side chambers side to side in front of you. Place a steadying hand in the center of this crossed paddle shaft to ease entry and exit. Let me know how your doing as you practice these tips.


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