Bug* Out* Boat*

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As a seventy-three year old , I have recently begun perusing survival blogs, books, and YouTube entries, and to my surprise, I found I’ve been something of a prepper all my life. Beginning as a ten-year old boy fantasizing about jumping in a canoe and floating the down the Mississippi to the Gulf armed with my Red-Rider BB gun a belt-axe and a sheath knife, and now finding myself a chubby seventy-something I’m still fantasizing of backpacking across the Rockies, and kayaking in Alaska back country. Today’s scary news has me actively installing a perimeter defense around the hacienda. My survival interests driven by a reality that our modern way of life is can only lead to ultimate chaos.

Many outdoors-men ascribe to the mantra “Go light, Go small”  so our Sea Eagle Inflatables make for a perfect “bug-out-boat”

  • Pick up an inflatable Sea Eagle kayak or SE9 raft, and a foldable bicycle to enhance and extend foraging, bartering, and clandestine trips..
  • Create a “going ashore bag”, with axe, folding saw, small telescoping rake, shovel, and hoe, parachute cord, machete, seeds, and a couple of tarps, think Disneys “Swiss Family Robinson” the boat secured just off the beach, with a concealed patio/summer kitchen (tree house?) hidden just off the beach.

The canoe and the kayak have beenused for travel far back into history. If it’s good enough for our Native Americans to travel the North American waterways, then it’s good enough for me. The single downfall of a canoe or kayak would be deciding what do you do with it, when you need to move on. Do you desert it, or drag it with you? An inflatable boat would be a solid choice. You could toss it in the car pretty easily, for automotive bug out. You could even have a spare inflatable boat, and still take up almost no room.


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