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Can I Fly Commercial Airlines With My Sea Eagle Kayak?

One question that comes up from time to time is can I fly commercial airlines with my Sea Eagle kayak. The customer below describes how he handled one of our largest and heaviest kayaks the Sea Eagle 420. In case you’re curious our most packable kayak is our Sea Eagle FastTrack.


“Tim and Crystal:

A quick note to tell you about our experience taking our Sea Eagle Explorer 420x Kayak on our recent trip from Denver to Florida.  It was really quite painless.

We simply rolled up the kayak and seats and placed them in the storage bag that comes with the kayak.  I tied the carry straps on the kayak bag together with a double overhand knot so that the straps weren’t hanging loose.

The paddles, pump, and life vests were packed into a large suitcase.  We completely disassembled each paddle into four parts (two plastic paddle blades and two-piece aluminum handle) to get them to fit diagonally into the suitcase.

To transport the bagged kayak to the baggage check-in/ticket counter, I strapped it on to a fold-up luggage dolly.  Once at the counter, I unstrapped the kayak bag from the fold-up dolly and placed the dolly in the suitcase with the paddles, life jackets, etc.

Both the kayak bag and the suitcase were well within the 50 lbs luggage weight limit and both “flew free” on Southwest Airlines.

When we arrived in Florida, we picked everything up at luggage claim at the airport, took the dolly out of the suitcase, and strapped the kayak bag on to the dolly for the trip to the rental car.

Rinse and repeat for the return flight after a great time kayaking in south Florida.

Try doing that with a hard-sided kayak!

Thanks for a great ‘packable’ kayak.”


10 Inflatable Kayak Myths

We invite you to read more about the top Ten Inflatable Kayak Myths such as:

Myth: They pop the first time they hit a rock
Myth: They are sluggish and not very maneuverable
Myth: They can’t handle whitewater
Myth: They swamp easily
Myth: A kayak with an enclosed cockpit will keep my drier than an inflatable kayak
Myth: They aren’t as stable as a traditional hard-shell kayak
Myth: They aren’t for serious kayakers
Myth: Inflatable kayaks can’t eskimo roll. If I fall out, I won’t be able to get back in.
Myth: They are difficult to inflate
Myth: They aren’t as much fun as a hard-shell kayak

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Which Sea Eagle Kayak is Best for Me?

A question we hear often is which Sea Eagle Kayak is best for me?” You may be interested in our educated opinion of our 5 Sea Eagle kayak models ranked from 1 to 5 with 1 being the best and 5 our least favorite.  You can balance our opinions against reviews found on our website, on Sea Eagle’s website, and You Tube Videos. You can find hundreds of positive testimonials on the internet along with just a few grumps.

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What Size Trolling Motor Will I Need?

Powering your inflatable boat or kayak with a quiet stealthy electric trolling motor is EZ …and affordable!

Bigger is not better!

Cabin Fever has set in  and questions are pouring in from snow-bound fishermen looking ahead to spring. The #1 question? What size trolling motor do I need for my new Sea Eagle Inflatable Boat? With motor-mounts now available for most of our kayaks and all of our fishing boats here are are some Tips I’d like to pass on. Tips learned over the last 15 years of motoring with Electric Power on the back of my Sea Eagle kayak.

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Deluxe or Pro? Which Package Should I Order?

Deluxe or Pro …oh my! Which one to order?

I know..! I know..! You’ve done your research and you’re itchin’ to order a Sea Eagle kayak. Either a Sea Eagle FastTrack or maybe the Sea Eagle Explorer or a Sea Eagle PaddleSki kayak. Possibly even a Sea Eagle 330 or 370 but now you’re wondering which seat is the most comfortable and the least hassle. When Crystal and I use any Sea Eagle kayak we choose the option group the includes the inflatable Deluxe Kayak Seat as shown in this picture Here’s why…….

It’s all about the seats!

Sea Eagle has two option groups for the Sea Eagle FastTrack, Explorer, or PaddleSki Premium Kayaks. The entry level Deluxe Option Package includes two Deluxe Kayak Seats while the Sea Eagle Pro Option Package includes black Tall Back Seats. The Tall Back Seats found in the Pro Option Package provide roughly the same back support as the grey inflatable Deluxe Kayak Seat but are difficult to rig and and prone to collapse if not rigged correctly.  We use and recommend the less expensive, and softer, Deluxe Kayak Seat. We also feel the paddles offered in both Deluxe and Pro Premium Level Kayaks to be a push in spite of the advertising hype. The Bow and Stern kayaks bags included in Pro Options Groups are not waterproof  stow-bags and smallish. You’ll need some waterproof dry bags anyway so save your money and buy the Deluxe Option Package!

But I’m ordering A Sea Eagle 330 or maybe a 370 Sport Kayak. Which option Group should I choose?

Now it gets a little confusing so stay with me.

When Crystal and I use a Sea Eagle 330 or 370 kayak we choose the Pro Package. Here’s why…….

It’s still about all the seats!

Sea Eagle has two option groups for the Sea Eagle 330 and 370 Kayaks. The entry level Deluxe option package includes two SEC Canoe Seats while the Sea Eagle 330/370 Pro option group includes these new Jet-Boat Bucket Seat (Sea Eagle calls them Deluxe Kayak Seats to confuse you). The SEC Canoes Seats found in the Deluxe Option package provide very little back support. We would never consider a day on the water with the SEC Canoe Seats. Buy the comfort..buy the Pro package with the Deluxe Kayak Seats!

We really like these DKS Seats for all our kayaks.

So to recap.

  • Ordering a Sea Eagle FastTrack, Sea Eagle Explorer, or Sea Eagle Paddle Ski? Order the Deluxe Package.
  • Ordering a Sea Eagle 330 or 370 Sport Kayak? Order the Pro Package

We really like these DKS Seats

You can even use the Deluxe Kayak Seat on the beach as Crystal (in pink) and Connie  discovered.


Can I Take the BTP Two Stage Electric Pump on the Airplane?

We received a question the other day about whether or not it was going to be okay to take the BTP Two Stage Electric Pump on the airplane. Would you be randomly selected for search? Would they make you throw your precious electric pump away? Or worse – would they throw you off the plane and ban you from the airport altogether? Okay, we added the last one in for dramatic effect.

By now, you probably know that you can travel with just about any inflatable kayak, boat, SUPs, etc. when you fly. Even out of they country! That’s the beauty in these truly packable and portable boats. Yes! You can absolutely pack your electric bump without the battery without worrying about being tackled by TSA. So fish on, amigos!