Spy Photo of the New StealthStalker

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Spy Photo of the new 2-person Sea Eagle Pro Angler StealthStalker.

Our inflatable Deluxe Fishing High Seat in HUNTER GREEN is bigger than our standard kayak DKS. It provides great back support (17″ height) and allows you to sit 10″ off the floor. Perfect for fishing and hunting. Two are included in the $999 Deluxe StealthStalker/[/caption]

Here’s a heads-up for snowbound fisherman looking for a two-person “Mean Green Fishing Machine.” The one-person 285 Mean Green Fishing Machine has been out for a few years first in grey and late now in 2014 replaced by the even more popular “Mean Green” version. Always a big seller in grey, “Mean Green”285 sales have doubled-up sales of  the old style 285. Shows you whats in a name.

“Is there room for my wife in that 285?”

With increased sales come increased questions.The number one question from Sea Eagle 285 fpb prospects, “can I fit my wife in the one-person 285?” Our number one answer? Nope…no way. Here’s good news. Some time in April or early May you can take delivery of a brand new Sea Eagle 2-person Mean Green StealthStalker.  Pictured is the Pro Angler with two swivel seats and four Scotty Rod holders plus a robust place to hang a motor.  The Pro Angler shown (top) will retail for $1249 with free shipping and a Deluxe Model with two very cool inflatable fishing seats will run $999 but the four rod holders will be the old fashioned pole-in-a-hole variety. Shipping will be free and InflatableBoats4Less.com will also include a free EZ Cart to wheel this bad boy to the launch. First production run is limited but we can pre-order now so you can be on the water in May. There will also be a optional canopy(below) to keep the sun or rain off whilst you motor out to your favorite fishin” hole.

Stealth Stalker 10 Specs

Exterior: 10′ x 5′
Weight: 37.5 lbs (hull only), 78.5 lbs (w/ floorboards & motormount)
Capacity: 2 Adults or 1200 lbs.
Engine Capacity: 4 hp gas (45 lbs. max weight) or up to 74 lb. thrust electric, 15″
Interior: 7′ 6″ x 2′ 4″
Tube Diameter: 16″
Deflated: 31″ x 40″ x 9″
Chambers: (port side, bow, starboard side)
Material: 1000 Denier 36 mil
Seam: Combination 98% welded with 2% superior glue finish and
quadruple overlapping seams
Floor: 1000 Denier Reinforced
Air Valves: Recessed One Way
Speed Estimates: 5-6 mph w/Gas, 4-5 mph w/Electric
Inflation & Assembly time: 15 min.

Contact Tim at Tim@IB4L.com for more info as available

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  1. warren huey

    Am very interested in the new StealthStalker 2 man boat. Please let me know all the particulars on getting on the order list so I can start fishing in May. The free shipping and ez cart will come handy and allow me to order other assessories. Regards, WHuey

    1. Thanks for your question!

      There was a risk in introducing the upcoming 2 angler Stealth Stalker too early but I felt that the late May availability was too deep in the fishing season not to let anglers know this great new fishing tool would soon be available. Sea Eagle has confirmed that the SS will be available around May 27. Here’s the outlook. You can’t fill a supply pipeline overnight. It will take weeks or even months. The first 50 will arrive soon and those that placed orders already will fill first and then those that waited (there are hundreds) will place orders and we’ll soon have a back order situation. So the next weeks will be a in stock, then back order, then in stock cycle. So the short answer is that when it’s in stock it will probably be too late…initially.
      Call 877-253-3947 if you want one from the first shipment and we’ll take your order. We are offering a free EZ-Cart with every order or a $100 discount from the Sea Eagles announced prices I posted here:

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