What is the Difference Between Drop Stitch Flooring and Plastic Panels?

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If you’re like many shoppers, you’re doing your research before you dive in and buy an inflatable kayak or boat. Many people see ‘drop stitch’ flooring and ask what the difference is between it and plastic floorboards. There’s a common misconception that plastic floorboards are more stable and reliable than drop stitch floorboards. So what are the advantages of the inflatable drop stitch floor in our kayaks and boats over plastic panels often found in other cheaper inflatable kayaks?

There are three key things to consider:

  • Overall Boat Weight Savings – With a 10ft boat, you’re looking at saving a good 10 – 15 lbs in weight with an inflatable drop stitch floor, versus a plastic floorboard.
  • Shorter Assembly Time – On average, it only takes about 10 – 15 minutes to inflate a boat with drop stitch flooring (and even quicker if you’ve got a motorized pump!), while it can take up to 25 minutes with plastic floorboards.
  • Smaller Storage Space – For RVers, this is especially important. The drop stitch floor rolls up with the boat, saving you precious cargo space. A plastic floorboard will gobble up another 40″ x 36″ x4″ of valuable storage space. This is definitely not ideal for people with limited space capacity.

If you’re looking to pack and go, drop stitch is the way to go. Its stability, durability, and ease of use makes it ideal for people looking to get on the water as soon as possible, without eating up a bunch of storage space. Not sure which boat is right for you? We’ve got a post for that, too!

As always, if you’ve got any additional questions, feel free to contact us directly. Captain Curtis is ready to answer your questions or lay your concerns to rest.